Becoming Certified


Based on a November 2004 survey of RM CCAs, some benefits of certification include:
  • Not only does it provide a certain level of professionalism, it also encourages continual updating, staying current with trends in agriculture, technological advances, etc. I personally enjoy the challenge and improvement of my knowledge base.
  • Continuing education is a key to remaining relevant and productive in the job over the long term. A program such as CCA that encourages continuing education is not only worthwhile but essential in my opinion.
  • It does add credence to my work with farmers, ranchers and agribusiness.
  Leafy Spurge
Leafy spurge photo courtesy of Ann McCauley

Exam Information, Dates, and Study Materials

Each CCA has to pass two exams (international and local) and submit credentials detailing their education, crop advising experience plus two references. They must sign and adhere to a code of ethics. The RM Board hosts an annual exam on the first Friday of each February. The international exam is given at the same time. Registration information can be found at: The International CCA Study Guide can be obtained for $50 from the International Plant Nutrition Institute on that same website under "Study Materials".

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Links to all of Rocky Mountain Study Materials are contained in the following pdf: /files/rmcca/study-materials-online-table-of-contents-20151007-.pdf . There are more documents here than you will have time to read - instead it is suggested that you focus on Competency Areas (Crop Management, Pest Management, Nutrient Management, Soil and Water Management,) where you know you need the most help.