Quick Facts about CCA program

Montana Department of Agriculture
Wyoming Department of Agriculture
Montana Department of Environmental Quality
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
Montana State University Extension Service
University of Wyoming Extension Service
Montana Natural Resources Conservation Service
Wyoming Natural Resources Conservation Service
Montana Department of Natural Resources

Agricultural Organizations
Montana Agricultural Business Association-includes links to many suppliers of agricultural equipment, chemicals, and services
Wyoming Agricultural Business Association-many good links
Links to many MT agricultural businesses, commodity groups, etc.
Links to many WY organizations

Nutrient Management
A continuing education series on Nutrient Management, with a focus on Montana and Wyoming. The fifteen modules (8 - 20 pages) include such topics as soil sampling, nutrient cycling, commercial fertilizers and soil amendments, pH and organic matter, nutrient deficiency symptoms, and manure regulations and management. Quizzes for each module enable CCAs to obtain up to 25 continuing education credits.
Two page summaries on the effects of fertilizers on crop yield and quality based on applied research conducted in Montana.

Soil and Water Management

 A continuing education series on Soil and Water Management, with a focus on Montana and Wyoming. The first three modules (basic soil properties, sodicity and salinity management, and soil erosion and residue management) should be online by early 2005. The other modules will cover water and solute movement, plant/water relations, and irrigation/drainage issues.
A water quality and irrigation website that provides information on both agricultural and non-agricultural water issues. One current (2004) focus of this website is on management of coal bed methane discharge water.

Pest Management
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) site, with a large number of links to information on identification and management of insects, weeds, and disease.

Crop Management
MSU Extension Publications for Crops, Grains, and Specialty Crops.

  GPS Unit
Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS

Field of hay bales seen from a plane
Photo courtesy of Ann McCauley
and Stephen Torske (pilot)

Probe Truck
Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS

Photo courtesy of Ann McCauley

Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS